Friday, July 15, 2016

The books! Where did the books go?

Hi there!

I had thought that I'd posted about this everywhere, but I seem to have missed some key venues.

I have left Torquere Press, and my books are no longer available through them. This means that they're all temporarily offline while I reformat files and get them back up for your buying pleasure. The learning curve is interesting, but I hope to have them up in rapid succession after the first few.  The first title I'm doing is Bareback, and then I'll grab them as I go. The ones I have cover art for will be first, and the top sellers.  Deviations is getting a quick read through by my darling Jodi.

The books I wrote with Tory Temple (aside from the latests three) have found a home at another press and will be up in early 2017. :D

I hope this answers some questions, and I'll be updating my website this weekend to reflect the changes.

Monday, January 18, 2016

I think it might finally be that time, Gentle Readers....

New year, new start -- isn't that the way things are supposed to go?  For the first time in my life (nigh on 45 years now) my urge to start, change, adjust, and freshen up has coincided with the start of a new calendar year.  Usually September is where I 'feel' the start of a new year, but here I sit, perched on the Grand Beginning in the month of January.

My daughter turned 16 last week, and my mother turned 70 a couple of days before that. Perhaps this desire to restart and begin at the beginning is related to that. Perhaps not.

In any event, here's the general sitch, my Dear Readers. In no particular order the following is going to happen over the coming weeks, some faster than others, some in the next day or so.

My website ( will be coming down and a temporary landing page will go up while I build my new look.  I will also be taking down a lot of stuff that's been free-floating in hidden links for the last 15 years, so things like fanfiction links from yesteryear will vanish. I hope to have a new site up within a short time, a couple of weeks at most. I need to sort out my hosting and see what I can do about certain images.

Also!  Since last summer I've been letting short stories fall off contract, so a few (very old) titles are currently unavailable. These have all been around for years and I'm sure you're all sick to death of them cluttering up the internet. ;-)  I'll be letting more come off as we go, and then creating reissues or an anthology with some new content. I'm not sure yet; I don't want people to have to re-buy old stories to get new, so I may just make an anthology of the old things so it's easy for new readers to locate the back list. It's all nebulous right now, but the point is that old things are going away, but will come back, and there will be new stories this year.

Also this year will be the launch of a new series. This is huge for me (and hopefully for you) as it's a whole new area and story arc. I've talked about it a little on twitter, so if you're there and have been paying attention, yes. This is the spy stories.  This will come out late in the year, but hopefully not before the snow returns to my neck of the world. Again. Since it's still here. Falling as we speak.

I loath snow. Just for the record.

Let's see, what else?  Um, I'm back to authoring full time, that's new. No day job at all, so I've gone from three jobs to just one, and holy cow does that feel good.

So, to sum up:  Website going, then coming back. Stories going then coming back. New stories. Hate snow.

How are you?

Friday, April 17, 2015


I made a mistake and read some reviews of my old, old, books.  Now I want to burn my keyboard.


I have thinky thoughts about the evolution of writer style, and the maturing of the m/m genre. I've been around for a long time, Gentle Readers, and things have changed so much.  For the better is so many more authors and wonderful stories to select from. Also for the better is strong stories and less dependence on sex scenes to sell books. That was a primary thing when we first started exploring this gig at the turn of the last century; we were all stretching our wings and coming out of stifling closets, and at the time there was high demand for lots of sex. That's calmed down a lot the last half dozen years.

The not so great is the super fast dismissal of writers based on the way back machine. Seriously, if you pick up one of my later books (uhhhh say, Prove It) and expect Bareback (AKA 'the slamfest of 2003') you're going to be a bit confused. Likewise, if you want Bareback and pick up the story I'm currently working on, you'll want to kill me for the utter lack of romping around.

But more than that, my writing -- and the writing of anyone who's been doing this for more than a decade -- has changed.  I have stopped with the half sentences in dialogue, and increased my narrative. I write far less sex but far more meaningful sex. I still make up characters I like, and hope that you'll like them, too.

I feel (and say this knowing that there will be opinions to the exact opposite)  that the stories I wrote in the year or two before my hiatus were deeper and more involved than the earlier books. I adore some of the very early characters and their tales despite the lack of skill in their writing, but I am so, so excited about what I'm working on now.

Reading reviews is always bad for me. Not my ego -- My ego is strong and can take almost anything, trust me -- but because even the good reviews leave me longing to fix things that are beyond my control now. The ability to let go and really let a story be something unattached to me is something I can't seem to develop, I guess.

Gentle Reader, I truly hope that when my new stories come out you welcome them with fresh eyes. The stories that take a long, long time to get to the sex, the ones that are smutty from the third page, the tales that are mostly plotty with a romantic sub-plot; they all have magic in them and I can't wait to share them with you.